Coating Systems

Coating Systems for Medical Devices

Harland offers four families of medical coaters with models for development and pilot scale volumes up to models for tens of millions of parts per year.
Our pre-engineered automated product platforms are designed and manufactured to meet the critical coating requirements of the medical device, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Harland’s Machines Group has the experience and capabilities to support your coating equipment needs.

Apply & Cure Coatings in One Unit
Harland’s standalone coaters provide process versatility and flexibility in one compact unit.  Dipping and UV curing systems are compatible with nearly every coating chemistry in use today.  Coaters can handle either UV or heat cured coating chemistries – or even both heat and UV for those processes requiring one of each type.

Higher volume multi-station systems provide even more functions with stations available for device cleaning, surface pretreatment, spray and drying processes.

Manual operation to fully automated
Harland is can meet the level of coater automation that is right for you.  Our development coaters offer simple process change with the intuitive programming of Harland’s proprietart CoatingWorks™ software.  These economic coaters provide production coater accuracy and consistency at an economic price

For higher volume production applications, Harland offers medical coaters with high level of automation.   The operator simply scans the part identifier and the coater selects the proper coating protocol.   Parts are loaded and the rest of the process is operator-free.  Operator is notified when the batch of parts is complete and the coater is ready for a fresh batch.

Part lengths up to 300 cm
Each family of Harland coaters is available in standard and custom heights to handle devices up to 300 cm in length.

CoatingWorks Software
The versatile, intuitive Harland CoatingWorks Software makes programming your coating sequences fast and easy.  The coater actions are selected from a menu and added to the sequence position you choose.  Messages can be added to remind the operator of actions to be taken during the coating process.   Password protected, multiple coating protocols can be created, modified and saved only by authorized personnel.

After programming, in most models a PLC controller takes over the actual operation of the coater

Remote access for service
Most models of Harland coaters can be operated remotely where an internet connection is available.   With this capability, Harland service engineers can quickly provide operation help or diagnose problems.

RDX The RDX Coating System is ideal for development and pilot-scale production.   Handles up to six parts per batch.
RDX-XL Our most popular production coater, the RDX-XL can handle two distinct coating solutions and coat up to 12 parts per batch.
PCX The PCX Coater offers two process modules. One batch of parts can be cured while a new batch is being dipped.   Provides higher throughput volumes with a single operator.
GWX The GWX offers the highest level of automation features.   Operator simply loads and unloads parts.   The GWX can even handle dual coating solutions – one being heat cured and the other UV cured.