Supplies and Spare Parts

UV Bulbs, Solution Tubes and Spare Parts

UV Coating Systems

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UV Bulbs

Recommendations for reorder:

In order to keep your coating system at optimal performance, it is important to maintain consistent UV coverage. Harland’s UV Bulbs typically maintain a consistent balance for 1000 hours.

To ensure that you do not experience downtime as a result of a less-than-adequate UV bulb, Harland recommends that you purchase a replacement UV bulb prior to reaching the 1000 hour mark.

Example based on 1 shift per day – 5 days a week:

  • 4 Hours/day – 20 Hours/week – Replace UV Bulb at 50 weeks
  • 6 Hours/day – 30 Hours/week – Replace UV Bulb at 33 weeks
  • 8 Hours/day – 40 Hours/week – Replace UV Bulb at 25 weeks

Solution Tubes

Recommendations for reorder:

  • Replace solution tubes at chemistry change
  • Any time a solution tube is emptied, it should be discarded and replaced to prevent contamination.

Product Description: LDPE Flexible Solution Tube for Dip Coating Machine
Length: Various lengths available, please specify
Size: Large or small Funnel
Color: Various Colors Available
Quantity: Per Dozen (12)

Spare Parts

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