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Comprehensive Coating Programs

Advanced Surface Enhancements

Start Now with our totally integrated solution. Harland Medical Systems is your complete provider for advanced surface enhancements on your healthcare product. Our unique model – The 4M Framework – delivers all the elements necessary for your successful surface enhancement program.

Through this model, we offer Materials, Methods, Machines and Manufacturing capabilities optimized to enhance to performance and value of your products. By concentrating all of these elements into a fully integrated process which we call Start Now, we are able to help you get to market faster and with less risk. When engaged early in your product development process, Harland is uniquely positioned to manage all aspects of your surface enhancement project from research and development to full volume production. We serve as the surface enhancement specialists on your team and work side by side with your engineering and product management groups to develop a surface enhancement program that meets your technical, functional and economic requirements.

This development is done in an incremental process and is designed to deploy best practices while synchronizing with your internal development schedule and investment strategy. By having control over all relevant capabilities, Harland can configure a program that effectively merges the optimal surface enhancement technologies and processes while at the same time meets your quality and regulatory needs.

Furthermore, the outcome is a surface enhancement program that doesn’t just work in the lab, but is scalable and transferable to your chosen manufacturing facility. If you prefer to have Harland do the Manufacturing, you can take advantage of our full range of ISO13485 capabilities.

We can help you through the R&D phases, clinical trials, low volume production manufacturing, and even high volume production runs. You decide if and when you transfer the process to your location.

By engaging and collaborating with your medical device, healthcare consumables, and life science customers through the entire project lifecycle, we help our customers to get faster with safe,robust, scalable and affordable surface enhancement programs.

If you would like to explore all the performance benefits and value that surface enhancement can bring to your product, Contact Us.