Medical Device Manufacturing

Surface treatment coatings for your medical device

Manufacturing is the fourth and final component of The 4M Framework. The first three elements – Materials, Methods and Machines – are engineered and optimized to ensure Manufacturing can deliver the most robust, cost effective, high yield production results possible.

We define Manufacturing as the tangible process of following validated Methods to create an enhanced surface on your healthcare product. To provide you the flexibility you need, we give the choice of the following Manufacturing options:

  • Performed at a Harland coating service facility
  • Deployed by you at a facility of your choosing

Our expert on-site Manufacturing support team works with you to:

  • Effectively transfer the Method to your chosen manufacturing site
  • Utilize current best practices
  • Reduce implementation risk
  • Increase overall manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve speed to market

You can depend on Harland’s ISO13485 certified Manufacturing services to:

  • Move product to market faster with lower capital investment
  • Achieve quick turn-around product development
  • Facilitate timely pilot production for animal and human clinical trials
  • Expedite market launches
  • Achieve or maintain balanced production volumes

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This unique variety of Manufacturing options lets you decide how you want to deploy your surface enhancement strategy to meet your needs today…..and gives you a clear path for scale-up as your production requirements increase.

Medical Device Manufacturing