Methods for Coating Medical Devices

Details, Parameters, Process, and Validation Steps required for Coating Medical Devices

Methods represents the second “M” in The 4M Framework. Methods, are the detailed description of every critical detail, parameter, process, and validation step required to consistently deploy an advanced surface on your healthcare product. Methods are perfected through our Method Development Services that matches the pace of your product development cycle until the final product is ready for launch.

As your product progresses through each step, the Methods template is refined while monitoring and integrating all your technical, production, and economic requirements through project completion.

Harland’s detailed and comprehensive Methods provide:

  • Functional and technical requirements
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Set up parameters
  • Machine protocols
  • Work instructions
  • Validation test procedures

Methods created by Harland are designed to accurately and consistently produce a quality surface enhancement result that meets the critical specifications of your product. Additionally, validation steps are included to measure and monitor key metrics that ensure the specifications are achieved and maintained – time after time!

Harland’s unique Methods template builds upon our application engineering expertise and provides a predictable and sequential pathway through the entire product development process.

Leveraging our extensively documented Methods enables you to move your surface enhanced products to market faster and delivers the support you need to fulfill quality and regulatory requirements.

Harland Methods are a versatile and portable document that can be used at a Harland manufacturing services facility, or transferred – along with all the related technologies needed to enhance the surface of your healthcare product – to a manufacturing location of your choice.

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Methods for coating medical devices