FTS Friction Testing System

Friction Test Equipment

Lubricious Coating Performance on Medical Devices

FTS 6000

Friction Test System

Harland Medical Systems presents a compact, versatile instrument specifically designed for measuring lubricious coating performance on medical devices such as catheters, guide wires, pacing leads, and similar products. The FTS 6000 Friction Test System measures both surface friction and coating durability by drawing the test sample between two silicone rubber pads clamped at a programmable force. The FTS is an ideal surface-property management tool for coating development, quality control, and market benchmarking.

For years, the “pinch test” method has been the standard for measuring the performance of lubricious coatings. The FTS 6000 is a versatile instrument that makes creating, running, and analyzing these tests simple and fast. The FTS system quickly leads you through setting up a test protocol, storing the protocol in memory, running the test sample, and analyzing the results.

There’s no need to attach a separate PC—the FTS 6000 has its own 10.4 inch color touchscreen computer. The operator can easily transfer the FTS-generated data to a desktop computer by either connecting to your local network drive via Ethernet connection, or by simply inserting a USB flash drive.


  • Precision, low-vibration vertical motion column
  • Parallel clamping motion
  • Versatile programmability
  • Tabletop or floor-stand mounted models
  • Convenient USB ports

Easy Setup

To run a test, simply fasten the sample in one of three available FTS sample holders, select or modify a test protocol, and move the transport to the desired starting position. The FTS 6000 does the rest.


The FTS force gauge and clamp can be easily calibrated in just a few minutes using the Harland Calibration Kit.

Display of Results

As the test runs, the display shows the test results in both tabular and graphic form. An information bar at the bottom of the screen displays the name of the protocol you are running, the clamping force, and the measured pull force. After the test is complete, the result summary can be viewed on the touchscreen or sent to an external printer. The raw data can be exported to another computer via your network or with a USB flash drive.

Versatile Software

The software built into the FTS 6000, combined with its color touchscreen interface, makes it easy for the operator to create, modify and store new protocols, and run those stored protocols on test samples. Password protection assures that only authorized personnel can create or edit test protocols.

Programmable test protocols include:

  • Number of test cycles
  • Clamping force
  • Vertical transport velocity
  • Vertical transport acceleration and deceleration time
  • Programmed pauses in test cycle


  • Select from 200, 600, or 1,000 gram capacity force gauge modules according to the type of samples being tested.
  • Floor stand with casters and leveling feet. Includes extended water bath to 22 in. depth, which permits testing longer samples.
  • Heated bath temperature range: 5° to 70° C above ambient.
  • Various sample holders hold fine samples down to 0.055 inch diameter.
  • Complete installation, maintenance, and service.
  • Calibration Kit: includes clamp calibration fixture and a set of calibrated custom free weights.


Maximum Device Diameter 2.0 cm
Maximum Stroke Length 50 cm
Maximum Measured Pull force
200 gram capacity force gauge 200 grams
600 gram capacity force gauge 600 grams
1,000 gram capacity force gauge 1,000 grams
Recommended Force Gauge for Measuring
Hydrophilic and PTFE Products 200 gram gauge
Uncoated Products 600 or 1,000 gram gauge
Clamp Force
Minimum 50 grams
Maximum 1000 grams
Pull Speed Range 0.1 – 5.0 cm/s
Pull Force Accuracy
200 gram capacity force gauge ± 0.5 grams
600 gram capacity force gauge ± 1.5 grams
1,000 gram capacity force gauge ± 2.5 grams
Clamp Force Accuracy ± 10 grams
Data Acquisition Rate 1 – 10 samples per millimeter
Heated Water Bath Temperature Range 5° C to 70° C above ambient
Heated Water Bath Temperature Stability ± 0.2° C
Display 10.4 inch diagonal 800 x 600 pixel touchscreen
I/O Data Transfer Ports 1 Ethernet, 4 USB
Power Requirements 115/230 volt AC 50/60 Hz
Chassis Material Powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum
height 38 inches
width 24 inches
depth 18 inches
Calibration Requires only standard free weights
Friction Pads 0.5 x 1.125 x 0.125 inch silicone rubber 60A durometer pads included.  80A durometer pads also available.
Device Fixtures Collet style and alligator clip style included.   Small diameter pin vice style sample holder also available.