Antimicrobial Coatings for Catheters, Implantable Devices and Surgical Instruments

Antimicrobial Coatings for Catheters, Implantable Devices and Surgical Instruments

Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

Bacticent brand broad spectrum antimicrobial coatings are a powerful weapon in the fight against healthcare infections.  Bacticent CHX features the highly effective antimicrobial, chlorhexidine delivered right from the surface of your medical device.  Engineered to fight off the most common gram negative and gram positive bacteria associated with healthcare associated infections.

Bacticent CHX consists of a heat cured copolymer matrix infused with chlorhexidine diacetate.  The coating is compatible with most relevant device base materials.

Looking for a Coating to Deliver a Specific Anti-infective Compound?
Harland’s Bacticent coating technology can be adapted to deliver other antimicrobial compounds. Harland Medical Systems will work with you to develop the Bacticent antimicrobial coating technology to deliver your compound at the rate you need to satisfy the particular infection reduction and elution profile that best meets the needs of your specific medical device.  Contact us with your requirements.