Bacticent® Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices

Bacticent brand broad-spectrum antimicrobial coatings are a powerful weapon in the fight against healthcare associated infections.

According to a survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 722,000 healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) were reported in acute care hospitals in 2011.The CDC also reported that 75,000 hospital patients with HAIs died during their hospital stays.­­1

The patient impact can be significant, ranging from discomfort to death.   Additionally infections can result in prolonged hospital stays, and serious subsequent consequences requiring future hospitalization and a shorter lifespan. The healthcare system also suffers by exposing healthcare workers to additional risk, consuming valuable resources and incurring additional expenses, which are often not reimbursed.

According to the American Medical Association, the total 2012 cost for the five most common HAIs was estimated to be $9.8 billion.2

Current best healthcare practices suggest the use of medical devices with an antimicrobial coating can go a long way toward eliminating these deadly infections.

Bacticent CHX features a highly effective antimicrobial coating precisely dosed and delivered right from the surface of your medical device.  It is engineered to fight off the most common gram negative and gram positive bacteria associated with healthcare-associated infections.  An example elution profile shows the delivery possible with Bacticent technology.

Bacticent® CHX     First-Class Elution PerformanceAntimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices

A comparison of Bacticent CHX with leading competitive coating

Catheters were cut into test segments and incubated in 10mM Phosphate buffer (pH 7.0) at 37° C and agitated at 50 RPM. The buffer was exchanged at regular intervals and the solutions were analyzed by HPLC for chlorhexidine concentration.

The competitor’s catheter exhibits greater initial release and faster depletion of chlorhexidine than the Bacticent CX coating with limited long-term (>30 days) effectiveness. The Bacticent CX coating release profile balances initial burst with a delayed release that extends effectiveness to 60 days.

Material Description
Bacticent CHX antimicrobial coatings consists of a heat-cured co-polymer matrix infused with chlorhexidine diacetate. The coating is compatible with most relevant device base materials.

Tailored Performance
Process flexibility, combined with Harland’s experience, mean the drug loading and elution profile can be tailored to meet your device’s requirements.

Combine with Lubricity
For increased patient comfort and additional bacterial adhesion resistance, Bacticent CHX antimicrobial coatings may be combined with a lubricious layer such as Harland Medical Systems’ Lubricent® Brand Hydrophilic Coating.

Regulatory Support
The regulatory path for an antimicrobial coated device can be complex. Harland has combination device regulatory expertise in-house and can work with you to smooth the regulatory path.

Looking for a Coating to Deliver a Specific Anti-infective Compound?
Bacticent coating technology can be adapted to deliver other antimicrobial compounds. Harland Medical Systems will work with you to develop the Bacticent antimicrobial coating technology to deliver your compound at the rate you need to satisfy the particular infection reduction and elution profile that best meets the needs of your specific medical device. 

Partnering with Harland Medical Systems

Access to the Bacticent technology is simple, direct and results in a complete coating program.  Partnering with Harland features…

Open collaboration
Harland encourages close customer participation in understanding your coating objectives, developing the exact balance of properties to meet these objectives and validating the process to ensure your coating is fully ready for production either at your plant or in Harland’s own Coating Services facilities.

Simple business model
Harland’s coating technologies are accessible through a simple supply agreement and do not require the added cost and time associated with a royalty-bearing license agreement.

Stage-gated process
Harland’s Start Now™ step-wise process is designed to move your program swiftly and efficiently through to commercial completion all the while giving you complete visibility and control of the process.

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