High Performance Coatings

Break Free From Your Old Coating Program!

Your new coating program from Harland Medical Systems

Providing a high performance hydrophilic coating to your medical device doesn’t have to be that difficult or expensive.  Harland’s Lubricent® Hydrophilic Coatings offer superior lubricity combined with high durability and low particle generation.

Coating programs can drain scarce new product development resources just at the time you need them the most. Let Harland’s comprehensive and integrated coating program free up those valuable resources. We can provide all the essential elements in one single source. And you’ll find our open collaborative process to be a refreshing change.

Want to experience how fast and straightforward a coating program can be? Let us show you in the best way – on your device’s surface. We’ll listen to your requirements and then prepare a Feasibility Project to demonstrate our ability to satisfy those requirements with a full technical report and samples for you to evaluate yourself.

Contact Harland Medical Systems today for a feasibility study to coat your medical device.