CTS1000 Coating Thickness Test System

The CTS1000 Provides Accurate Coating Thickness Measurements on Medical Devices

Coating thickness and its effect on overall part diameter is a critical variable in the design of today’s catheter and guidewire designs. Complex devices packed into small packages require close attention to tolerances and clearance. Newer therapy areas such as neurovascular demand ultra-thin devices which also underscore the importance of coating thickness and overall device diameter.

The CTS1000 Coating Thickness Test System is a compact, easily programmable instrument that quickly and accurately determine the thickness of hydrophilic and other coatings by precisely measuring the diameter of a coated sample. Diameter is measured with an optical micrometer which can scan a device either dry or while hydrated. Because most hydrogel-based low friction coatings swell when hydrated, the coating thickness can then easily be calculated.


  • High-precision optical micrometer

  • Low-vibration vertical motion column

  • Multiple scanning modes

  • Flexible programmability

  • Program, save, and export test setups and reports

  • Table-top or cart-mounted versions

  • Easy to read touch-screen display

  • Measures dry or hydrated devices

  • Real-time read out

  • Multiple user permissions

  • Barcode reader option

How it works:

Simply insert your sample (up to 70 cm long) into the attachment fixture. Select a saved test protocol or create a new one with Harland’s intuitive TestingWorks 2.0 software. Let the CTS1000 do the rest. With the micrometer sensor in the “dry” position, the test sample is lowered past the sensor with diameter readings taken as it moves. At the end of this motion, the sample is completely immersed in a water bath. Then the sensor moves so it is measuring the hydrated sample diameter beneath the water bath surface. As the sample returns up to its original starting position, diameter readings are again taken. The graphical display shows the dry and hydrated scans side-by-side and the calculated coating thickness throughout the process in real time. 

Precision optical micrometer:

Sensor measures diameter through either air or water to accuracies up to +/- 2 μm.

Programmable test protocols:

Harland’s all-new TestingWorks 2.0 software helps you create thickness test protocols best suited to your requirements. You can set:

  • Continuous scan over a programmable length or manually position the part to measure a specific point of interest
  • Measure sample lengths up to 60 cm
  • Scan speed
  • Hydration time
  • Pass/Fail limits on measurements
  • Items to be included in the data report. Choose to display only a graph or complete measurement data points.

Protocols can be saved and quickly accessed for future use.

Easy to read touch screen display:

The large, easy-to-read touch-screen display makes test set-up simple. And as the test runs, the display shows results in real-time. After test completion, a report can be viewed onscreen or exported to an external PC via USB or network for later analysis.

Low vibration vertical motion column:

Part is drawn smoothly past the sensor head in a repeatable, precise motion.

Table-top or cart-mounted versions:

Table-top: Compact, fits easily on lab bench.

Cart/floor stand version: Recessed water bath allows longer samples to be measured; can be rolled to other locations.

Can measure dry or hydrated device:

The CTS1000 can measure diameter dry, hydrated, or both consecutively. Parts are loaded onto a vertical motion arm and a guide on the lower end keeps the samples aligned during testing. A specially designed window allows the micrometer to measure sample diameter while immersed.  

Multiple User permissions:

The CTS1000 offers its users multiple operator accounts and permissions to be set for each. For instance; production facility personnel can be trained in and operate the CTS1000 without access to test-set ups and reports, while engineers can have access to additional functions and tabulation of results. Personal logins can be assigned to each user giving a precise record on who and when the CTS1000 was used.

Multiple scanning modes:

The CTS1000 offers multiple scanning modes, allowing users to select the mode that’s best suits their needs. Measurements can be recorded at select points on the test sample or the CTS1000 can scan an entire programmed length.

Create test reports to fit your needs:

Flexible report design allows you to display only the data you want to see. Choose from:

  • Dry diameter (maximum, minimum, average)
  • Hydrated diameter (maximum, minimum, average)
  • Hydrated/dry diameter difference (maximum, minimum, average)
  • Pass/Fail comparison with specifications
  • Test protocol details
  • Operator ID

Real-time read out:

As the sample is scanned in the continuous scan mode, the results are displayed in graphic form in real time. No need to wait for the complete test report to start seeing your results.

Barcode reader option:

Information on test sample (description, lot number, etc.) can be scanned with accessory bar code reader and this information will appear in the test report notes.


Sample Rate:0.1 mm/sample, to 1 cm/sample
1-100 samples/cm
Measurement Accuracy:Part diameter ≤ 10 mm +/- 2 μm
Part diameter > 10 mm +/- 5 μm
Weight:Tabletop version: 127 lb
Cart version: 309 lb
Width: 30″
Maximum loaded part length:Tabletop version: 45 cm
Cart version: 70 cm
Maximum measurable part length:Tabletop version: 30 cm
Cart Version: 60 cm
Part diameter allowances:0.3 mm – 20 mm
Data transfer ports:USB x1, Ethernet x1
Display:11″ x 19″, 1080p (1080×1920, 9:16 aspect ratio)
Power requirements:120/240 Volt A/C
Chassis material:Powder coated steel