Emerging Challenges in Surface Treatment

5 Emerging Challenges in Surface Treatment | Qmed

Posted in Surface Treatment Coatings by Daphne.Allen on June 6, 2017

Advances in medtech are giving those involved in surface coating a few new issues to consider.

For instance, new “multimaterial devices with as many as six different material types on a single device makes versatile coating a priority,” explained Andrew Summerville, vice president of marketing for Harland Medical Systems, a provider of surface treatment systems.The bar is being raised for surface treatment in medical device manufacturing. Surfaces have typically been coated or treated to enhance product lubricity and durability, but new trends in medical device manufacturing could present some challenges.

Trends also point toward demand for low-particulate-generation hydrophilic coatings, he added. “As coated catheters have been utilized in more demanding vasculature (like neurological and small coronary vessels), the requirements for low particle generation from coatings has become more and more important,” he told Qmed.

And as outsourcing continues to grow in popularity in medical device manufacturing, coating processes, too, are being outsourced to coating service providers. These companies need “optimized processes to provide maximum coating performance and yet robust for production environments,” he added.

Summerville believes these trends could challenge surface treatment operations in five key ways and offers potential solutions offered by Harland. The company will be discussing its approach at MD&M East June 13-15 at Booth #1166.

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