Compatible Substrates for Hydrophilic Coatings

Material Compatibility for Hydrophilic Coatings

With Outstanding Durability and Extreme Lubricity

Lubricent UV Hydrophilic Coating
chemistries are compatible with the substrate materials typically used in the construction of medical devices.

Hydrophilic Coating Materials




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Outstanding Durability
The photochemical covalent bond to the substrate produces superior adhesion and wear resistance while minimizing particulate formation.  With maximum durability, Lubricent UV has the ability to bond to a wide variety of base materials making it the perfect coating selection for difficult surfaces like polyimide and polyethylene.

Extreme Lubricity
Lubricent UV Hydrophilic Coating reduces friction forces as much as 98% compared with an uncoated device surface. This enhanced surface performance increases the device’s ability to navigate through tortuous anatomical pathways, improves device control, reduces tissue damage and adds to patient comfort.

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