Medical Coating Services

Medical Coating Services

Contract Coating Services for your Medical Devices

After your medical device coating method development is defined and validated, what better location to handle the production coating than the place where the coating method was developed and validated?  Outsource your production coating operations to an expert in the field, Harland contract manufacturing services.  If you are considering outsourcing your medical coating services, there are significant benefits of having a single supplier in one location to provide all your coating and equipment needs.

Medical Coating Services Include:

Raw Material Sourcing
We offer efficient sourcing of raw materials that conform to your specifications helping optimize the efficiency of your supply chain.

Incoming Inspection
Following an inspection plan, we will receive, document, and warehouse each incoming lot of materials.

We provide warehousing solutions for uncoated sub-assemblies or finished products, helping you to manage in-process inventory.

Coating Services
From surface preparation to device fixturing, coating, and curing, our skilled technicians deliver consistent results.

Inspection, Testing & Quality
Based on the quality plan for your product, we inspect and test for a variety of parameters.

As a Total Solution Provider: 

Harland Medical Systems will work with your team through the entire project, providing feasibility and prototype coated devices, process development and validation (DOE, OQ and PQ), regulatory and automation support. Whether you ultimately choose to apply Harland coatings in your manufacturing facility or take advantage of Harland Medical Systems’ ISO13485 certified contract coating capabilities, you can be assured of total support through the entire process.

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