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Peripheral Vascular

Hydrophilic Lubricious Coatings for Peripheral Vascular

Peripheral Vascular is that area of medicine relating to the treatment of vascular disease in areas of the body other than the heart (Cardiology) and the brain (Neurology).  Conditions diagnosed and treated include peripheral artery disease, abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms and carotid artery disease.    The increased occurrence of these conditions is being driven by increased rates of diabetes and obesity, both associated peripheral artery disease (PAD).  In the US alone it is estimated that 10 million people suffer from PAD. In addition, the demand for treatment of aortic aneurysms has increased driven by improved detection techniques.peripheral_body

Physicians treating Peripheral Vascular conditions employ a wide variety of medical devices which can benefit from surface performance provided by Harland technologies.  These include

  • Stent graft delivery systems
  • Peripheral stent delivery systems
  • Embolic protection devices
  • Inferior vena cava filters
  • Peripheral guidewires and balloon catheters
  • Intravascular imaging catheters
  • Chronic total occlusion devics

A growing need
As with other clinical areas, minimally invasive procedures have become preferred for peripheral vascular diagnosis and treatment.   Improvements in stent and stent graft technology have expanded the potential patient population.  Device manufacturers are working to deliver increasingly complex devices into even smaller anatomies.   As a consequence, surface performance has become more and more important for the delivery systems.   Reduced friction between the device or catheter surface and tissue has become essential for successful treatment.

The global market for peripheral vascular interventions, including lower extremity stents, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) balloons, PTA drug-eluting balloons (DEB), carotid stents, and renal stents, will rise from $2.1 billion in 2015 to $3.4 billion by 2022. According to our latest report, this expansion, which will occur at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%, will be driven by an increased demand for minimally invasive endovascular procedures, greater availability of improved solutions for femoropopliteal artery revascularization, and the rising prevalence of peripheral artery disease (PAD).  Source: GlobalData Market Report

Localized Drug Delivery from a device surface has proven especially effective  in the Peripheral Vascular area.

Nearly all Harland technologies have application benefiting this clinical area.

Harland’s family of Lubricent ® hydrophilic coatings provide exceptional friction reduction along with state-of-the-art durability and low particle generation.

Drug delivery technology offers locally delivered therapeutic drugs with a delivery profile tailored to your device needs.

Automated Coaters and Test Systems
Harland offers six families of automated coaters which can apply nearly every coating technology in commercial use today.  Systems to coat as low as one part at a time up to large-scale systems designed to coat tens of millions of parts a year.

Working With Us
Access to these technologies is simple, direct and results in a complete coating program.  Partnering with Harland features…

  • Open collaboration
    Harland encourages close customer participation in understanding coating objectives, developing the exact balance of properties to meet these objectives and validating the process to ensure your coating is fully ready for production either at your plant or in Harland’s own Coating Services facilities.
  • Simple business model
    Harland’s coating technologies are accessible through a simple supply agreement and do not require the added cost and time associated with a royalty-bearing license agreement.
  • Stage-gated process
    Harland’s Start Now ™ step-wise process is designed to move your program swiftly and efficiently through to commercial completion all the while giving you complete visibility and control of the process.

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