RDX-XL Coating System for Medical Devices

RDX-XL Coating System for Medical Devices

The RDX-XL Medical Coating System from Harland Medical Systems is a production scale, economical coater for applying ultraviolet cured medical device coatings. Available in two models, the RDX coaters integrate both dip coating and UV curing in one compact unit.

RDX-XL Series Coaters are ideal for coating catheters, guidewires, pacing leads and similar medical devices. Their modular construction means you can select from pre-designed feature packages and automation level you need for your particular application without the long lead times and high costs incurred with custom designed equipment.

Apply & Cure Coatings in One Unit
Harland’s standalone coaters provide process versatility and flexibility in one compact unit.  Dipping and UV curing systems are compatible with nearly every coating chemistry in use today.  Coaters can handle either UV or heat cured coating chemistries – or even both heat and UV for those processes requiring one of each type.

Higher volume multi-station systems provide even more functions with stations available for device cleaning, surface pretreatment, spray and drying processes.

Manual operation to fully automated
Harland is can meet the level of coater automation that is right for you.  Our development coaters offer simple process change with the intuitive programming of Harland’s proprietart CoatingWorks™ software.  These economic coaters provide production coater accuracy and consistency at an economic price.

For higher volume production applications, Harland offers medical coaters with high level of automation.   The operator simply scans the part identifier and the coater selects the proper coating protocol.   Parts are loaded and the rest of the process is operator-free.  Operator is notified when the batch of parts is complete and the coater is ready for a fresh batch.

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