RDX-XL Coating System

rdx-xl coating system machineThe RDX-XL Coating System from Harland Medical Systems is a compact production scale coater for applying ultraviolet cured medical device coatings. Available in four models, the RDX-XL coaters integrate both dip coating and curing in one compact unit.

RDX-XL Series Coaters are ideal for coating catheters, guidewires, introducers and similar medical devices. The modular construction means you can select from pre-engineered feature packages and automation options you need for your particular application without the long lead times and high costs associated with custom designed equipment.

Watch the RDX-XL in Action!

Dip Process

A servo controlled motion column lowers a cassette of devices into individual solution tubes. These tubes are removable and disposable to help keep coating solution fresh. You program the immersion speed, immersion distance and extraction speed that is right for your device and coating chemistry. J-shaped or L-shaped solution tubes allow you to coat long devices without the need for unusually high ceiling clearance. The deck of solution tube openings can be configured to a height convenient for your device length. And for coating shorter lengths a Straight Dip configuration can be used. A Dual Solution option accommodates two separate solutions for those coating technologies requiring two unique fluids.

Cure Process

The UV Cure Sources produce a flood of the proper spectrum UV light to cure today’s coating chemistries. To assure uniform cure, the parts individually rotate in front of the UV sources. Each source can cure 25 cm of part length. Sources can be added into pre wired compartments to handle up to 170 cm of device length. An automatic cover closes over the solution tube funnel openings to protect light-sensitive coating solution from UV exposure during curing.

A mechanical shutter opens and closes for precise control of cure time. When this shutter is closed and no curing is underway, UV sources can be reduced to standby power to conserve energy and extend bulb life.

Advanced Report Monitoring Option

RDX-XL offers advanced monitoring to record and track UV, TDS and friction force based on predetermined values set by the operator. If values entered do not fall into the predetermined range set in the engineering page, the protocol will not run. Once values are correct, the operator will be able to run the protocol.  If any of the alarms are set off during the coating process, RDX-XL sends an email to the email addresses in the engineering settings. Our customers use this option to replace or assist the work order traveler process for the coating machine.

Additional Accessories:

– Dual solution dipping module – Coating Solution Level Monitor
– Automatic Coating Solution Replenishment – Coating Solution Viscosity Monitor
– Continuous UV Intensity Monitoring – Rigid Dipping Module for Straight Dipping
– UVR 335 Radiometer for Measuring
UV Curing Irradiance
– L-Shaped Solution Tubes


RDX-XL 100 RDX-XL 150 RDX-XL 175 RDX-XL 195
Maximum Overall Device Length – Custom heights available 100 cm 150 cm 175 cm 195 cm
Maximum Coated Length 95 cm 150 cm 170 cm 170 cm
Venting Requirements (Customer Supplied) Exhaust for 600 cfm Exhaust for 600 cfm Exhaust for 1,000 cfm Exhaust for 1,000 cfm
Outside Dimensions
   height 75.5 inches 98 inches 106 inches 113 inches
   width 60 inches 60 inches 60 inches 60 inches
   depth 30 inches 30 inches 30 inches 30 inches