Start Now Medical Coating Programs

Medical Coating Programs

Hydrophilic coated catheters, guidewires and other devices typically used for minimally invasive procedures

Start Now with our totally integrated solution. Harland Medical Systems is your complete provider for advanced surface enhancements on your healthcare product. Our unique model – The 4M Framework – delivers all the elements necessary for your successful surface enhancement program.  The Start Now process consists of a series of stage-gated steps designed for rapid speed to market while including the necessary steps to produce a robust, production-ready coating method.

Through this model, we offer Materials, Methods, Machines and Manufacturing capabilities optimized to enhance to performance and value of your products. By concentrating all of these elements into a fully integrated process which we call Start Now, we are able to help you get to market faster and with less risk. When engaged early in your product development process, Harland is uniquely positioned to manage all aspects of your surface enhancement project from research and development to full volume production. We serve as the surface enhancement specialists on your team and work side by side with your engineering and product management groups to develop a surface enhancement program that meets your technical, functional and economic requirements.

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