Steps to Develop a Hydrophilic Coating for your Medical Device

Hydrophilic Coating Development

Steps to Develop a Hydrophilic Coating for your Medical Device

Medical OEMs have many choices to make when selecting a coating methodology for their medical device.  With all the options on the market, it is important to find a solution that best suits your requirements.  Involving the coating supplier early in the product development cycle is extremely beneficial and can positively affect the speed, efficiency and cost of the program.

Here are the steps to develop a hydrophilic coating for your medical device:

  • Materials and chemistry: Define what type of materials and chemistries are available on the market that will meet your requirements.
  • Method development: Determine the most efficient method to apply the coating. Method development includes processes and protocols that effectively and efficiently apply medical device coating to substrate materials. You will need to complete a feasibility to prove the coating method is successful, repeatable, and meets your device requirements.
  • Machines and equipment: Make sure you have the appropriate equipment to apply and test the coating.
  • Coating manufacturing services: Once you have determined all of your requirements above, the next step is to determine the full production coating manufacturing strategy.

Development of a successful coating for your medical device requires considerable skills and resources. If you are considering outsourcing your coating services, there are significant benefits of having a single supplier in one location to provide all your coating development and equipment needs.

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