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Wound Management

Medical Coatings for Wound Management

Wound Management is the area of medicine dealing with treatment and management of both acute and chronic wounds.   Wounds are defined as a disruption of the normal structure and function of the skin.  The Wound Management market is quite diverse ranging from simple wound care products like bandages and sutures to advanced tissue engineering products.  Wound care treatment requires a large amount patient care including large amounts of nursing time and extended hospitalization.  The increase in diabetes has been a major factor in the growth of the market for Wound Management products.

Wound Management products are used to treat:

Chronic Woundsfootwoundcare_sm

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Venous leg ulcers

Acute Wounds

  •  Burns and trauma
  •  Surgical wounds

Wound management products that can benefit from Harland technologies include:

Wound drains – hydrophilic and antimicrobial coatings

Advanced wound dressings – antimicrobial and drug eluting coatings

Harland Technologies for Wound Management

Hydrophilic Coatings

The addition of low friction hydrophilic coatings can improve placement accuracy and add to patient comfort.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Any wound from surgery is at risk of becoming infected because the skin opening can allow germs or dirt to enter the bloodstream.    The addition of an effective antimicrobial coating to wound care products can minimize the chance of an infection occurring.   Harland’s Bacticent® Antimicrobial Coating Technologies can help deliver localized anti-infective compounds to help minimize the chance of a post-operative infection developing.

Drug delivery coatings
Drug delivery coatings can transform simple wound care products like drains and dressings, into effective vehicles delivering therapeutic treatment.  The Harland Coating Method Development Team can tailor the elution of therapeutic agents to meet your device’s specific needs.

Automated Coaters and Test Systems
Harland offers six families of automated coaters which can apply nearly every coating technology in commercial use today.  Systems are available to coat as few as one part at a time up to large-scale systems designed to coat tens of millions of parts a year.

Working With Us
Access to these technologies is simple, direct and results in a complete coating program.  Partnering with Harland features…

Open collaboration
Harland encourages close customer participation in understanding  coating objectives, developing the exact balance of properties to meet these objectives and validating the process to ensure your coating is fully ready for production either at your plant or in Harland’s own Coating Services facilities.

Simple business modelWoundTube
Harland’s coating technologies are accessible through a simple supply agreement and do not require the added cost and time associated with a royalty-bearing license agreement.

Stage-gated process
Harland’s Start Now ™ step-wise process is designed to move your program swiftly and efficiently through to commercial completion all the while giving you complete visibility and control of the process.

Harland Products and Services

Coating technologies

Coating process development

Automated coating and testing systems

Manufacturing services

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