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Our Products

Harland is equipped with all resources to take care of your coating needs all round. Our Materials and Machines help you fulfill the hardware needs of your coating process, whilst our Method Development and Manufacturing Services help you optimize the coating process and bring your product to production.


Materials are specialty coating solutions formulated and optimized to effectively modify the surface of your healthcare products. Our materials include our Lubricent® UV cured Hydrophilic Coatings, Bacticent® Antimicrobial Coatings, and Tylicent® Primer Coatings. In addition, Harland offers Recharge™ Diluents to maximize the performance and economics of your coating program.


Surface Modification Coatings can be tailored to the optimum performance your device requires. Harland Methods services optimize the coating process to achieve this performance and then validate that process to prepare for production either at Harland Coating Services or in your facility.

Harland Clean Room


Harland’s highly specialized contract manufacturing services implement processes that are efficient, reliable, and offer cost savings. Regular testing and reporting are conducted under ISO 13485 standards to ensure the quality of your product.


Our pre-engineered automated product platforms are designed and manufactured to meet the critical coating, testing, and processing requirements of the medical device, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.
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Testing & Analysis

As a highly specialized contract manufacturer, Harland has in-house testing services available as well as process and product analysis. Contact your Harland Sales Representative for more information.

Maintenance & Repair

Harland supports our products and services with highly trained service technicians. From installation and startup to preventative maintenance and global emergency service, Harland is committed to complete customer satisfaction.