Medical Device Coatings

Lubricious Hydrophilic Coatings, Antimicrobial Coatings, Coating Equipment & Services for Medical Devices

Harland Medical Systems provides medical device coatings to the world’s leading healthcare product manufacturers. From enabling aneurysm repair to reducing hospital acquired infections, our medical coating solutions improve patient outcomes and add economic value to healthcare products and procedures.

With every medical device coating program, we undertake benefits from our total system responsibility philosophy. From working together to define the design requirements – to rapid coating method development – to coating method validation – to production manufacturing services; we address the entire lifecycle of your healthcare products medical coating needs. Our integrated approach allows you to focus your resources on designing new and innovative products, while we concentrate on creating a medical device coating program that meets your design, performance and economic criteria.

Founded in 2003 and located in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a recognized global center of healthcare excellence and innovation – Harland Medical Systems continues this tradition with our comprehensive 4M Framework™ business model for producing successful medical device coatings on healthcare products.

Total Solution: Single Supplier for all of your Medical Device Coatings

medical device coatingsMaterials – We have a portfolio of specialty surface chemistries and biomaterials designed for the needs of healthcare market.

 – We develop the product specific process for applying and measuring the performance of the materials that have been applied.

Machines – We have a selection of standard machines that we offer for surface preparation, coating application and measurement.

Manufacturing – We offer medical device coating services from early stage R&D through volume production at our facility OR we will transfer the turn-key process and train your personnel to coat at your facility.

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