FTS7000 Friction Tester
FTS7000 Friction Tester


Friction Testing System

Harland Medical’s FTS7000 Friction Tester is a compact, versatile instrument specifically designed to help you measure the lubricity and durability of coatings for catheters, guide wires, introducers and other medical devices. The FTS7000 measures both surface friction and coating durability by drawing a test sample between two silicone rubber pads clamped at a programmable force, and then recording the pull resistance. The ease and accuracy of testing it provides makes it an ideal measurement tool for coating development, quality control and competitive product testing.


Additional Features, Quick Specifications & Video

Tabletop and console cart versions

Temperature controlled water bath

 Up to 1.5 cm device diameter

50 cm stroke length

Graphically overlay multiple tests and cycles

200g, 600g and 1000g force guages available

Simplified Friction Testing Machine

For years, the “pinch test” has been the gold standard for measuring the performance of lubricious coatings. The redesigned FTS7000 makes creating, running and analyzing these tests simple, accurate, and fast. The FTS7000 quickly guides you through test protocol setup and storage, running a test and analyzing the results.

How it Works

Test samples are inserted into one of several available holders and then suspended from the FTS7000’s force gauge. Clamping pressure and friction surface are provided by two silicone rubber pads located above a water bath. Dynamic clamp control maintains uniform force throughout, even if your sample diameter varies over the length tested. Test data files can be exported and easily transferred to a local network via ethernet connection or USB flash drive. The FTS7000 houses its own touch-screen for easy creation of test protocols, execution and customizable reporting.

Easy Setup

To run a test simply fasten your sample to one of the available sample holders, select or modify a test protocol and move the clamping mechanism to the desired starting position. Touch “Start Test” and the FTS7000 does the rest.

Quick Calibration

The FTS7000 force gauge and clamp can be easily calibrated in minutes using a Harland weighted calibration kit and the calibration program that comes pre-installed with the machine.

Clear Display

While testing, the display shows the results in both tabular and graphic form. An information bar at the top of the screen displays the name of the running protocol, the applied clamp force and the measured pull force. When testing is complete, a customizable report can be viewed on-screen or sent to an external device via network or USB drive for more analysis. Users can choose to view the test graph with the cycle results displayed end-to-end or with the test cycles overlaid on top of each another. The overlay option makes “outlier” cycles easier to spot.

Intuitive Software

The FTS7000 utilizes Harland’s completely re-designed and upgraded TestingWorks software. This 2.0 edition allows operators to visually overlay multiple test results, check test protocol and stored data integrity via verification check sums and generate custom reports. When combined with the ease of the touchscreen interface, this improved functionality simplifies the process of creating, modifying and storing new test protocols. Three levels of user password protection (operator, technician and engineer) ensure security, allowing only authorized personnel to create and edit protocols or alter other functions.

Accessories and Consumables 

FTS Accessories - Clamp

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Clamp 903810 Assy, Calibration Clamp, Hanging, FTS7000
FTS7000 Clamp 906159 Assy, Clamp, FTS7000

FTS Accessories - Crate

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Crate 906526 Crate | CTS1000/FTS7000 | Stand
FTS7000 Crate 906525 Crate | CTS1000/FTS7000 | Tabletop

FTS Accessories - Device Adaptor

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Device Adaptor 112399 Collet Holder Kit with ring, FTS 6000; includes set of four collets and nut  for samples 0.031 - 0.125 in.diameter
FTS7000 Device Adaptor 111917 Alligator Clip Sample Holder with ring for samples larger than 0.125 in diameter, FTS 5100
FTS7000 Device Adaptor 111919 Pin Vice Sample Holder with Ring
FTS7000 Device Adaptor 102161 Alligator Clip | 8-32 Thread | Nickle-Plated Steel
FTS7000 Device Adaptor 111918 Assy, Collet Holder w/ Ring

FTS Accessories - Force Gauge

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Force Gauge 906165 Assy, Force Gauge, 200g, FTS7000
FTS7000 Force Gauge 906698 Assy, Force Gauge, 600g, FTS7000
FTS7000 Force Gauge 906699 Assy, Force Gauge, 1000g, FTS7000

FTS Accessories - Machine

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Machine 906611 Cart | FTS7000
FTS6000 Machine 113310 Signal Tower | Wall Mount | LED | Red | Green | Light w/ Alarm

FTS Accessories - Water Bath

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Water Bath 906731 Assy, Bath Heater System, 115V
FTS7000 Water Bath 906824 Assy, Bath Heater System, 230V
FTS7000 Water Bath 906655 Water Bath | Tabletop | FTS7000

FTS Accessories - Weight Set

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 Weight Set 110425 Calibration Weight Set, FTS6000  5g - 990g

FTS Consumables

Compatible Machine Type Part # Description
FTS7000 FTS Friction Pads 907295 Pack of 100 | Pad | FTS | .125 x .5 x 1.125 | 80 Durometer Pad
FTS7000 FTS Friction Pads 907294 Pack of 100 | Pad | FTS | .125 x .5 x 1.125 | 60 Durometer Pad
FTS7000 FTS Friction Pads 122550 Pack of 1,000 | FTS | 0.125 in. x 0.5 in. x 1.125 | 60 Durometer
FTS7000 FTS Friction Pads 104081 Pack of 1,000 | FTS | 0.125 in. x 0.5 in. x 1.125 | 80 Durometer

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