Coatings 360™

Your Partner for Every Step of the Coating Process

Coatings can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. Harland’s Coatings 360 approach tailors a complete answer to your distinct product coating needs and goals. We’re the industry’s only comprehensive source for everything you need to coat your medical device on time and within budget. We provide it all in-house, so when you partner with us, you have one resource for everything coatings.

Harland’s Coatings 360 system integrates every phase of medical coating and surfacing

Coating Process Development

Incorporating the optimal coating into your production process is as critical as the coating itself. We help streamline your operations, validate coatings for production and ensure coating effectiveness throughout formulation and manufacture.

Royalty-Free Coating Solutions

Tailored lubricious, antimicrobial, primer and diluent platforms formulated to meet your performance, cost and production objectives.

Coating Equipment

Automated production hardware to maximize your in-house coating and surfacing capabilities while meeting the stringent requirements of the medical device industry.

Coating Services

Expertise and contract services that help to achieve your objectives for product launch, bridge coating, scalability and sustained production.

Coating Test Equipment

Verification and testing tools to confirm coating efficacy, integrity and compliance across every stage of the coating process.

Testing Services

Provides critical coating testing measures to detect and correct any coating challenges to help ensure coating integrity.

Support & Maintenance

Highly trained assistance and superior components to optimize and maintain every step of the coating process over the entire lifecycle of your medical devices.

Inspecting coated devices
Packaged catheters

White Paper: 10 Essentials for a Hydrophilic Coating Program

10 essential elements to consider when selecting a coating program for medical devices such as catheters, guidewires, introducers and other devices.