Surface Preparation

Surface contamination is the leading reason medical device coatings fail to adhere to catheters or other device surfaces.

Harland’s Origin™ line of surface preparation solutions is specially designed to remove potential contaminates from your medical device surface.

Origin™ Surface Preparation Wipes

Origin Wipes are lint-free wipes made of continuous filament polyester fiber in a double-knit, no run interlock pattern.

They feature laser-sealed edges for particle and fiber retention, are laundered and packages in an ISO Class 4 environment, and are compliant with ISO Class 3-5 controlled environment room standards.

Lint-free wipes moistened with a suitable solvent are the most effective effective way to clean a device surface prior to coating.

Origin Medical Device Wipes

Origin™ Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning solvents for medical devices prior to coating

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