Specialty Automated Coating System

Our highest-throughput coating system, the IDX Series is a modular, multi-station coater that provides a versatile platform for medical device volumes of up to 15-20 million parts per year. Pre-engineered process modules allow you to choose feature packages and automation levels best suited to your application without the long lead times and high costs associated with custom designed equipment. Modular design means the IDX process stations can be added or reconfigured to accommodate changing coating needs. Multiple devices are easily loaded, dipped, dried, cured and unloaded. After loading the devices via a removable pallet, the coating process is hands-free with no operator involvement necessary.


Available Process Station Modules

  • Load station: Accepts loaded cassettes of devices at a level convenient for operator
  • Wash station: Rinse parts immediately prior to coating
  • Surface treatment: Plasma pretreat, etc.
  • Dip station: Precisely dips and extracts devices to the programmed length at a programmed speed
  • Dry station: For processes requiring drying prior to cure
  • Cure station: UV Cure or Heat Cure
IDX Dip Coating

Programmable Dipping

The IDX dip station performs precisely controlled dip and extraction via a servo-driven elevator that lowers and extracts a cassette of parts into and out of a solution tank. Precise immersion speed, distance and extraction speed can all be programmed for your specific device and coating chemistry.

Complete UV and Heat Curing

The cure module produces a flood of UV light for processing today’s latest coating chemistries. Front, center and rear banks of specialty fluorescent lamps provide the ideal UV wavelength for curing within this fully enclosed system. The module can also provide circulating, temperature-controlled heat for coatings that require thermal curing.

IDX Curing Station

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Every medical device is unique and bringing it to market is a major challenge. That’s why Harland’s Coatings 360 approach tailors a complete answer to your distinct product coating needs and goals. We’re the industry’s only comprehensive source for high-performance coatings, equipment and production coating services—everything you need to coat your medical device on time and within budget. We provide it all in-house, so when you partner with us, you have one resource for everything coatings.

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