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Harland Medical Systems specializes in fulfilling the special coating needs of the neurology market by meeting the strict performance demands of neuro-devices. Our Coatings 360™ approach provides a complete portfolio of precision coatings, automated application and testing equipment and reliable production capabilities.

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Hydrophilic Neurology Coatings

Harland’s Lubricent® hydrophilic coatings dramatically reduce friction between the device and vascular tissue.

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Antimicrobial Neurology Coatings

Harland’s drug eluting coatings provide localized antimicrobial drug delivery in the area immediately surrounding the implanted device, where it’s most effective.

Our Bacticent® antimicrobial coatings provide extended, localized release of infection-fighting drugs.

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Harland Medical Systems – Bottle Lab Bacticent

Medical Devices

Neurological devices that employ Harland coatings and technologies include:

  • Microcatheters for delivery of a variety of neurovascular devices, including coils, flow diverters, stents and clot retrievers
  • Mechanical thrombectomy catheters treating acute ischemic stroke
  • Coronary Guide Wires
  • Neurointerventional guide catheters
  • Neurointerventional guidewires
  • Balloon catheters
  • Cerebrospinal fluid shunts

White Paper: 10 Essentials for a Hydrophilic Coating Program

10 essential elements to consider when selecting a coating program for medical devices such as catheters, guidewires, introducers and other devices.