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Comprehensive Testing Services for Medical Devices

Measure the performance of your device coating program by utilizing the full portfolio of testing services Harland offers. Our experience in measuring coating performance and our expertise in designing coating testing equipment makes Harland the ideal partner for your coating testing needs. A quick turnaround means you can rely on Harland testing to keep your coating program on schedule.

Particulate Measurement Services

Harland Testing Services can provide quick and accurate measurements of particle size and counts from test samples submitted by customers. Harland’s particulate measurement services measure the size and distribution of particles as small as 2 microns up to 125 microns using light obscuration as recommended by USP 788. Particle suspensions are generated by your testing depending on the simulated use conditions relevant to your device. A particle measurement kit will be provided for you to collect and submit test samples.

Friction Testing Services

Friction testing service includes measurement of coating lubricity and durability conducted on the latest Harland FTS Friction Testing System. Send us your samples – coated or uncoated – and we’ll quickly measure both lubricity and durability. A complete technical report will provide you with test method details, results and the data recorded. Test samples will be returned.

Coating Thickness Testing Services

Coating thickness testing includes a process that accurately determines the thickness of hydrophilic and other medical device coatings by precisely measuring the diameter of a coated sample. Measurements can be made on coated samples when dry, when hydrated or uncoated. Measurements can be taken in designated locations on the sample or the sample can be scanned over a specified length. These tests will be performed with the Harland CTS1100 Coating Thickness Tester and the service includes a technical report with test method, results and data. Test samples will be returned.

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All of Your Coating Needs in One Place

Every medical device is unique and bringing it to market is a major challenge. That’s why Harland’s Coatings 360 approach tailors a complete answer to your distinct product coating needs and goals. We’re the industry’s only comprehensive source for high-performance coatings, equipment and production coating services—everything you need to coat your medical device on time and within budget. We provide it all in-house, so when you partner with us, you have one resource for everything coatings.

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