Harland Medical Systems is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated dip coating machines for the medical device industry.

We build four primary product lines to meet all your coating needs. Custom coating machines can be designed and manufactured as needed.

Group of RDX-XL Coaters

RDX-XL Automated Coating Systems

Our most popular coaters, the RDX-XL Coating Systems are production scale coaters for applying and curing medical device coatings. With four different models available, the RDX-XL series of coaters meets the majority of needs for our customers.

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PCX Automated Coating Systems

The PCX series of coating systems is a versatile, high-throughput coating platform for applying and curing medical device coatings. Dual processing chambers allow for near continuous capability with just a single operator.

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GWX Automated Coating Systems

The GWX coating system is specially designed for long-length devices with relatively low column strength, such as guide wires or small diameter catheters. These characteristics can make these products particularly difficult to dip coat with traditional methods.

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IDX Automated Coating Systems

Our highest-throughput coating machine, the IDX Series is a modular, multi-station coater that provides a versatile platform for medical device volumes of up to 15-20 million parts per year.

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