Lubricent® BrightView™

Fluorescing Hydrophilic Coatings

BrightView coating formulations enable cured coatings on devices to be easily visible under 365 nm long wavelength “blacklight” UV light.

The UV blacklight causes the cured coating to fluoresce visible light, making the coating easily visible without special instrumentation or destructive testing.

The future of coatings has never been so bright

Finally, a simple non-destructive method for viewing and inspecting cured hydrophilic coatings!

Because low friction hydrophilic coatings are very thin and nearly transparent, it has been difficult to view them without employing a destructive staining test.

Lubricent BrightView hydrophilic coating allows you to see your coating coverage in a nondestructive way under black light, to ensure every device that runs through your line is covered.

*Samples shown are an approximation of results using Lubricent BrightView coatings, results can vary depending on coating thickness, substrate type and pigment.

Unique to Lubricent BrightView Hydrophilic Coatings

BrightView coatings provide the same superior performance and biocompatibility you rely on with all Harland Lubricent coatings.

Nylon (Polyamide) Pebax® (PEBA) Polyurethane
Polystyrene Polyimide Polyethylene
Silicone Elastomers* Stainless Steel* ChronoPrene™ Elastomers
ChronoFlex® Elastomers NEUSoft™ Polyurethane and more
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Coating Inspection with BrightView

Inspection is simple. Place your device under the long-wave UV lamp and perform:

  • A coating presence inspection
  • Measurement of the coated length
  • Defect and void detection

To quickly determine whether a cassette of devices has been coated, shine a beam of UV blacklight on the parts. With BrightView coatings, you’ll know immediately.

Tylicent® Coating Primer Solution

Not all device substrate materials can be coated directly with a lubricious or antimicrobial coating. For these applications, Harland provides a variety of Primer Solutions which act as a “tie layer” between these substrates and the functional topcoats. They provide a uniform, compatible surface to which any of the Harland coatings can be applied.

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