Lubricent® UV

UV Curable Hydrophilic Coatings

Harland’s Lubricent UV hydrophilic coatings provide exceptional friction reduction with state-of-the-art durability. Lubricent coatings enable catheters, sheaths, introducers, guide wires and other medical devices to navigate through the most difficult, tortuous vessels and anatomies. The solution blends a hydrogel-forming polymer with a proprietary photo-reactive compound dissolved in isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. With Lubricent UV coating on your device, you’ll get best in class lubricity and durability no matter the medical application.

Features of Lubricent UV Hydrophilic Coatings


Lubricent UV is compatible with most medical device substrates, including but not limited to:

Lubricent Substrates Chart

Nylon (Polyamide) Polyimide
PEBA (Polyether block amide) Polyethylene
Polyurethane Silicone elastomers*
Polystyrene Stainless steel*

*when paired with one of our Tylicent® Primer Solutions

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Lubricity and Durability

A friction test of a Lubricent hydrophilic coated Pebax® 35D sample shows the resistance force needed to pull a coated sample between clamped rubber pads. The graph shows the superior lubricity and durability of Lubricent UV as compared to uncoated samples (typically measuring 400-600 grams of force) and PTFE coated samples (typically measuring at 100-150 grams of force).

* Testing was conducted on a Harland FTS Friction Test System with sample pinched between silicone rubber pads at 500 grams of clamping force.

Benefits of Lubricent UV


Lubricent UV coatings have been successfully tested by an independent test facility against the ISO 10993 requirements for circulating blood contact; including cytotoxicity, irritation, acute systematic toxicity, hemocompatibility, allergenic potential and pyrogenicity.

Process Flexibility

Lubricent UV coatings can be tailored to precisely meet your device’s surface performance targets. The process will then be validated by Harland Medical to prepare it for production at either your facility or in Harland’s ISO 13485-compliant coating services.

Regulatory Support

Harland Medical offers regulatory consultative support to help ensure the fastest path to get your device to market with a high-performance coating. Device Master Files and technical files are in place with the FDA and contain detailed to accelerate your regulatory submission through the FDA or notified body.

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Coatings 360

Every medical device is unique and bringing it to market is a major challenge. That’s why Harland’s Coatings 360 approach tailors a complete answer to your distinct product coating needs and goals. We’re the industry’s only comprehensive source for high-performance coatings, equipment and production coating services—everything you need to coat your medical device on time and within budget. We provide it all in-house, so when you partner with us, you have one resource for everything coatings.

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