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Hydrophilic Coatings

Interested in learning more about hydrophilic coatings?

What is a Hydrophilic Coating?

Hydrophilic coatings are employed to reduce surface friction and enhance lubricity. The term “hydrophilic” means that it is water loving. In other words, it readily wets out when exposed to moisture.

Most hydrophilic coatings consist of a loosely cross-linked polymer coating that will readily uptake liquid when exposed to a source. This coating that surrounds the device acts like a microscopic sponge and the water (or other liquid) provides excellent low friction characteristics as long as the coating remains wet.

Devices coated with these coatings demonstrate pull forces as low as 3 grams and CoF values as low as 0.01.This high level of lubricity enables devices to navigate tortuous anatomical pathways while reducing tissue irritation and adding to patient comfort.

Lubcricent Hydrophilic Coating

Lubricent® UV Hydrophilic Coating

Read more about Harland’s UV Hydrophilic Coating. Harland’s Lubricent UV Hydrophilic enables catheters and guidewires to navigate through the most difficult anatomies consists of a blend of a hydrogel-forming polymer combined with a proprietary photo-reactive compound dissolved in isopropyl alcohol.

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